Greg Caudill

for County Commissioner District 2


Principled Leadership

“I promise to be the voice of reason on the Alachua County Commission asking the same questions that we all do when planning our budgets at home… Is this something we need?  Is it something we can afford?  Can someone else in the community do it better?  And I will remain true to the principles I honed in my military service and that I teach my children; that honesty is the only policy; that courage is doing what’s right and not what is easy, and that every person deserves respect and a fair playing field to succeed.” – Greg Caudill

Reducing the Cost of Living and Increasing Economic Opportunity for All

As county commissioner I will work to protect our delicate natural environment we all cherish while helping to reduce the burdens placed on our citizens and businesses so all have the equal opportunity to succeed. I will encourage the search for innovative solutions to the problems before the commission; favoring solutions that rely on local businesses and the local community and not on politicians.

My Life So Far

In 1995 I moved to Alachua County and later was an IB graduate from Eastside High School, attended the University of Florida, served in the Army during Operation Enduring Freedom and married my beautiful wife Gelenn.

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Why I Am Running

Alachua County is a wonderful place to grow up, live and raise a family, but our local government continues to punish our friends and neighbors with needlessly high taxes and impose barriers to their success.  I believe no one should get in the way of your dreams.

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My Vision for Alachua County

When I think about Alachua County, I think about our culture of volunteerism; of blood drives and street cleanups. I think of people coming together themselves to make change.

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“Greg understands that I am the best person to make the decisions in my life and his vision of a local government that’s focussed on protecting my rights, instead of getting in my way, is very inspiring!”

Jennifer Mitchell

Gainesville Resident