About Greg Caudill

I live in High Springs, Florida with my wife Gelenn and my two sons, Gregory III and Charles. I work as a database analyst for the Florida Department of Citrus and I am working on a second bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida in Computer Science. I am a member of the Collegiate Veteran Society and I served on the student advisory council for UF Online Plaza. I recently launched a company with my wife, Miss Lulu LLC, that will focus on selling native Filipino products online and at craft fairs.

I first moved to Alachua County in 1995. I graduated from the International Baccalaureate program at Eastside High School in 1998. After high school I studied Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Florida and the University of Central Florida. I was unable to finish my degree due to financial concerns. I joined the United States Army in 2003 as a non-communications signals analyst.

In the Army I served in Savannah, Georgia and in North Yorkshire, England. I volunteered for a tour in Afghanistan where I helped provide security for the first elections there in 2004. While serving in England I earned Solider of the Year for my battalion and was first runner-up for Soldier of the Year for INSCOM Europe. I left the service in 2007 at the rank of Sergeant.

After leaving the military, I worked for 6 years in Australia as a government contractor at a joint Australian and American facility. During this time I earned my first degree in Political Science. It was in Australia that I met my wife, who is from the Philippines. We decided to return to the United States, and were married in 2013. After less than a year working in Washington, D.C., we moved to Alachua county to raise our family.